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20 June 2005


Having finally bitten the blogging bullet, I gingerly enter cyberealm.

My reluctance has been due to two primary factors: intimidation and presumption.

Scanning existing blogs has done little to encourage me and much to intimidate me. Many are written by extremely intelligent and articulate writers. Reading them, I am overwhelmed by my own lack of wit and my incapacity for creativity.

Creating a blog also seems incredibly presumptuous. The very act of initiating a blog presumes that someone, somewhere, will be interested enough in what you have to say to actually bother to visit your blog and read it.

The primary reason I begin blogging is to put thumbscrews into my commitment to write regularly. My hope is that writing for an audience will help keep my regular musings from degenerating into a self-pitying litany.


Blogger Rabbi Saul said...

Welcome to blogdom. There's no turning back now!

6/24/05, 1:30 PM  
Blogger Glenda said...

Thanks for your welcome, Tim!

6/24/05, 6:27 PM  

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