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12 March 2007


What a blessing my husband and I experienced over the weekend! We participated for the first time in the Southeast Iowa Church Choir Festival, directed by Dale Grotenhuis and accompanied by organist Davis Folkerts.

Praising God with around 200 other voices, a brass quintet, and the organ was awesome in the best and original sense of the word--filling us with awe for our great God!

Dr. Davis Folkerts not only has an extraordinary performance gift, but he also has a remarkable accompanist's ability that is highly intuitive.

The legend that is Dale Grotenhuis was delightful to meet in person. He is far more than an extremely gifted musician; his directing ability is phenomenal. His infectious energy is communicated to both audience and choir through his amazing animation.

But he takes no glory to himself. When the audience applauded him, he redirected it toward the choir. He consistently reminded all of us of the Festival's primary purpose: glorifying God.


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