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22 August 2009

Looking Up

On most days, I take our little Yorkypoo Layla outside five or six times. She is very good about doing her business quickly and it generally only takes about five minutes, so it takes very little time from my work. And it is good for my mind and my body to take an occasional break from my computer and chair.

Sometimes I "run" up and down the driveway a few times with Libby. And I am using the word "run" here to mean "plod and stumble clumsily at a slighty faster pace than walking." With arthritic knees, my running is not pretty.

When I "run" or go for walks with Libby, I find that I nearly always look down and think. I see grass and weeds springing up in the cracks of the driveway.

But my favorite time to take out Libby is early morning, just before dawn. On some summer mornings, the sky is a blend of pink, gold, and blue in a beautiful and soft color that defies description.

On those mornings, like this morning, I look up.

And I am reminded that I spend far too much of my life looking down. I realize how often I focus on the cracks and weeds, instead of looking up to behold breathtaking beauty.

May God grant you and me the ability to keep looking up!


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