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30 November 2006

Cold snap

It was 17 degrees when Dave got up, 16 when I asked the temperature, and 15 by the time I sat down to eat breakfast.

The birds feeding on our deck this morning look much fatter than usual as they hunker down with fluffed feathers covering their feet.

Outside my office window, there's a thin sheen of white on the ground under the eave, which isn't snow, but a patch of ice from yesterday's sleet.

Yesterday's clouds are skudding south before a stiff wind and the northern sky is piercingly blue. tells me that today's high is projected to be only 22 degrees and that it's now 14 degrees, but the windchill makes it feel like -1 (that's Farenheidt for all you Canadian readers).

Hard to believe that it was in the 60s just a couple of days ago.


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