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11 July 2007


I'm sitting in the chapel at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL, for Synod 2007 of the URCNA.

Synod began with registration on Monday afternoon and a worship service in the evening. Between the two, delegates were drenched in a sudden, torrential downpour. Volunteers of the organizing church ran between buildings, escorting delegates under wide Trinity umbrellas.

Yesterday was taken up primarily with committee meetings. I observed the committee considering the justification overture. The overture, coming from Classis Michigan, requests adopting "as our own" the justification report adopted by the RCUS Synod in 2004. Since I was present at the RCUS Synod that adopted the report, present at the 2004 Synod of the URCNA, and present at the Classis Michigan meeting that adopted the overture, I was interested to hear the discussion.

Last evening, Synod dealt with a few issues--none of great significance.

More later.


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