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02 August 2005

"Safe" fiction

Another discussion of the Faith in Fiction board deals with "safe" fiction.

I'm of the opinion that Christians can write "safe" fiction, but they ought not feel obligated to avoid certain words or situations--if those words or situations are necessary for effectively telling the story. They need to tell the story truly and for God's glory.

I do, however, believe there is a place for "safe" literature. And I think the church library is it. People want the assurance of checking out anything from the church library without having to worry about being either offended or misguided.

As church librarian, I have a responsibility to acquire fiction that can be read by the preteen girls picking up novels from the adult shelves as well as nonfiction that complements the theological positions of the church.

The problem with this, of course, is: How do people learn to discern if they read only safe literature?

As a parent and a friend, I can suggest reading to my children and friends that I might hesitate to place in the church library. My personal relationship allows discussion of questions or issues.

But I am also working hard to find and place in the church library unoffensive and theologically sound material that is of high literary quality. Not an easy task!


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