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14 October 2005

Apple Cider

One of my favorite fall treats is apple cider. A local nursery makes fabulous cider that the nearby Fareway stocks during the fall. I cringe when I pick up a gallon for $4.99, fully realizing how much I would protest if forced to pay that much per gallon of gasoline.

As a related aside: People might be surprised if they compared what they think nothing of paying for a gallon's worth of bottled water or soft drinks (which are strictly for convenience) to what they complain about paying for the same amount of gasoline.

I briefly cringe when I see the price of my apple cider, but I immediately justify that expense by rationalizing that I only buy one or two gallons each fall (the only time it's available). And I console myself with the thought that since I never buy beer and rarely buy soft drinks, I can afford this occasional treat.


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