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02 February 2006

Ground Hog Day

Today is Ground Hog Day. If the ground hog sees his shadow, he’s supposed to be frightened back into his hole and there will be six more weeks of winter.

For the record, I do not believe in superstitious stuff like the actions of a ground hog being an accurate weather predictor. I believe in a sovereign God who created and continues to sustain all things, and who guides and directs all events of cosmic and world history, including climate and weather.

I think few people actually believe in the ground hog legend, but they like to have fun noting the sunshine on February 2 and conjecturing about how much winter remains. It seems that people think it would be too bad if the ground hog saw his shadow, but I’ve always felt like only six more weeks of winter would be great. What if it’s cloudy and he doesn’t see his shadow? We could have winter weather into April! At least if he sees his shadow there’s a definitive end to winter.

That's sort of the thinking behind my decision to take Finite Math for my math requirement a few years ago. At least the name implies that there is an end to it.


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